My First Podcast Interview

Today I’m sharing some exciting news. I’m on a podcast!!!

I was invited to speak with Dr. Carly Hudson a Denver chiropractor who owns Healing Ground Chiropractic Care and who also hosts the podcast The Healing Ground Movement. In her podcast she interviews various professionals who help people find paths to healthier living or individuals who have gained some form of insight into living a more complete life.

I have discovered that my treatment philosophy has something in common with that of chiropractic: that treatment and healing have to go beyond symptom relief or management and address the underlying patterns or injuries that lead to chronic distress.

I would like to extend my thanks to Dr. Hudson for this opportunity and hope that you, my readers, find it interesting, educational, and at least a little entertaining. I also encourage you to subscribe to her podcast and listen to some of the other interviews. I found them to be quite informative and Dr. Hudson to be a very natural interviewer.

I’ve included a link below or you can find The Healing Ground Movement podcast on any of the main podcast hosting services (Or even watch me on YouTube).

If you have any questions about anything you hear in this podcast, please email me directly at

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